We change nothing, except everything!

What do you do when something happens near you?

You probably take your smartphone and record a video about it.
This is how people tend to behave, and they should keep doing it!

BCaster™ changes nothing, except
the whole concept of mobile videos!

You only need to press record and stop. BCaster™ takes care of the rest.
We share, analyze, tag and describe video content automatically.
Therefore, everybody else around the world is also able to see the same thing you just captured.

Our video search is super easy. You don't have to think about keywords or know who uploaded what, when and where. Just tell us where the event happened and when, and we show you all the videos from there.

When something happens somewhere,
you can watch it in BCaster™ just seconds later!

Together we are everywhere

BCaster™ is always present when something happens.
We are there because you are.
And so can be your friends too.

BCaster™ is everywhere!


This is the dream team. Geniuses. Crazy geniuses. Wannabe geniuses. But above all,
enthusiasts with tons of experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, angel investing, video, media and software.


BCaster Oy is always looking for round A investors.
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