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media: Case MTV news

Did you see something interesting?

BCaster has brought an interesting option for MTV News to activate new people to send pictures and videos to the editorial teams, who use them in the news and social media.

Thousands of daily users. Steady flow of fresh content to the editorial teams.

How to activate and interact with new people?

The news takes place in the middle of everyday life. MTV values communication with the public and wants to find new ways to interact with readers and viewers..

MTV expects their services to be reliable, easy to use and truly interactive.

BCaster offers a simple way to collect user generated photos and videos which saves cost and streamlines management of the content into a private photobank, which can be accessed by anyone from the editorial team.

Easy and interactive way to engage with readers and viewers.

We make it easy to collect photos and videos for brands and media.

Use the content responsibly way that you get the best engagement from your audiences.

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