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BCaster is an easy-to-use cloud-based platform that creates a direct connection between all creators and the brand.

How does BCaster work?

Create an activation

Your audience captures photos or videos and uploads them to the BCaster platform using the camera tool. BCaster camera is accessed simply by clicking the url link or scanning the QR code in your activation.

Choose the content

You browse the audience created photos and videos on the web-based Dashboard and select the content you want to use in the channel of your choice.

Use the content

Publish the selected content in any channel of your choosing - social media, mobile app, print, TV, web etc. BCaster manages copyrights and privacy.

Tools for you and your audience

Manage your brand's media appearance with an easy-to-use Dashboard.

  • Search and download content.
  • Create custom tags for content.
  • Filter using AI or custom tags.
  • Customize the camera tool in seconds.
  • ... and more

Simple customizable camera tool for your audience

  • Get a shareable URL link for the camera tool from the Dashboard in seconds.
  • Start activating your audience to capture and share content directly with you.

What does BCaster offer

Full Control

100 % control of the brand image. You choose what is published and where.

Channel Independency

You know best where your audience is. BCaster works on all channels.

Automatic Tagging

Relevant content found quickly.

Copyright Management

BCaster manages copyrights and privacy so that you can be socially responsible.

Customizable and instantly shareable camera

Branded, sponsored, no integration, no development.

Full resolution

High quality, original content.

Instant access to fresh user generated photos and videos

Get content directly from users.

Own your data

Data is not shared with 3rd parties.

Capture the moment, capture your audience

We make it easy for brands and media to collect photos and videos and use them responsibly so that they get the best engagement from their audiences

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