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event: Case Nokia Arena

Share your favorite moment from the opening event!

Fans and attendees invited to boost the event and its community!

5% activation rate among attendees. 20% conversion rate for content.

How to spread the great atmosphere of the new venue and the opening event?

Organizers of the opening event of the brand new, high-tech venue and arena were looking for something new and engaging for the attendees.

With one of the most famous local band’s playing at the event, the organizers and the band asked attendees and fans to share photos of their favorite event moments.

A digital poster at the venue and a social media post reached people well and produced authentic moments to be shared.

Novel, authentic fan and attendee interaction.

Capture the moment, capture your audience

We make it easy for brands and media to collect photos and videos and use them responsibly so that they get the best engagement from their audiences

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