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Here are a few stories from the field


Case Finnish Baseball and Softball Association

Finnish Baseball and Softball association collected huge amounts of authentic photos from fans. They love BCaster service and are expanding their use.


Case MTV news

BCaster has brought an interesting option for MTV News to activate new people to send pictures and videos to the editorial teams, who use them in the news and social media.


Case Nokia Arena

Fans and attendees invited to boost the event and its community!


Case Paulúns, an Orkla brand

Ask people to share a breakfast and a smoothie photo and participate to win prizes!

ice hockey

Case Pelicans

Fans thrilled to see their support for the team broadcast on the big screen at the stadium.

Sponsor, ice hockey

Case Sponsoring with Pelicans

Best photos shared on social media and on the team’s homepage together with the sponsor logo.


Case clearchannel

Shops were thrilled to have the opportunity to share their feelings with photos to Mylly, and have Mylly show the photos on Clear Channel displays.


Case Koneviesti

Invaluable photos of people at their spring chores to be used in the magazine, in social media, and on the webpages.


Case ifolor

Ask people to send a photo and participate in a raffle to win an Ifolor gift card.


Case Hippos

Hippos association received a lot of beautiful photos of the friendships between horses and people during Christmas time.

radio station

Case YleX

Tattoo contest on a live broadcast for the Red Nose Day charity campaign.

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